Silver lining

Silver lining
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lives lost............Jnaneshwari expresss disaster

When in 1857, Mangal Pandey rose voice against the British and it took a whole 90 years of struggle to set the county free....we were so happy. Happy coz we were now living in a land which we can call home...we can call OURS.
When they saw us happy they would have thought what a gift we have given to our countrymen.
Do they feel the same now???
Who has laid upon such a curse that takes away innocent lives.
we got a free country.....ARE we free now????


  1. Anish, its really unfortunate... the incidents that have happened in the recent past have brought back ghosts from the pre-independence days. The only difference is that: in those days, the enemies were known. Today they are unknown.

  2. Btw I don't remember anyone saying to you, "You are born to be hated"

    Cheer up mate!! Life is not all that bad!! :D

  3. Post something new... lets light up the blogosphere! :D