Silver lining

Silver lining
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2 States by Chetan Bhagat

Just Finished his latest: 2 states.
Someone may wonder why our country falls apart on most occasions. The answer was loud and clear. Coz we are Bengalis, Punjabis, maharashtrians, Biharis, tamilians, madrasis etc etc. Somewhere down the line the "INDIAN" in all of us are missing.
may be if we can find that INDIAN in us, we can live better in our own country and not treat people out of our states as "ooutsiders"

A good point to ponder upon... What say???


Never before they say... every beginning has an end....... MY deputation ended on a good note after me getting released after a long fight with my stupid boss....
Never before had I fought like this....
Never before did I have any reason to fight.
I guess sometime you need a reason to stand-up and start saying NO to the people who use you or try to be opportunist.
I read this line somewhere: " A strong man stands up for himself.......a stronger man stands up for others "..
SO I stood, fought and won..... mission accomplished.